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SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl is the leading Mobile Device Management (MDM), Helpdesk, Security and Tracking solution built using SOTI’s award-winning technology. MobiControl optimizes operations and productivity with its rapid and reliable performance and is functional over any network and with any size deployment. The industry-acclaimed MDM solution continues to set high standards by providing Corporate IT Departments with the ability to successfully deploy and manage enterprise and employee-owned Microsoft Windows devices with vigorous security, enhanced support, centralized control and improved tracking over all networks.
Customers Have Experienced Benefits Like:

  • End-user support costs cut by up to 70%
  • Costs associated with software and data updates cut by up to 80%
  • Reduction in the number of technical personnel needed to support mobile workforce by up to 60%
  • Devices no longer need to be shipped for repair or software upgrade, IT staff no longer need to travel to remote users
  • Device end-user productivity increases: Device features and applications can be restricted based on intended use, eliminating unproductive behavior like Internet browsing, accessing games, etc

Core Features:

  • Device Provisioning: Automatically deploy software and data to devices in the field in real-time over any network
  • Advanced Security: Device-Side Active Directory based Authentication, Full Device File Encryption, Network Security, Device Lockdown, Application Run Control, Feature Control, etc.
  • Help-Desk Tools: Support staff can remotely log into the device, see the screen of the device and remotely troubleshoot
  • Data Synchronization: Two way file synchronization
  • Location Services: Provides real-time location tracking of mobile devices
  • Alerts: Automate monitoring of device-side and server-side events; notifications via email or SMS
  • CRM: Track device problems and history
  • OTA Diagnostic Tools: Automatic problem detection
  • Asset Management: Track hardware and software assets
  • Reporting: Standard and custom reports deliver real-time statistics about mobile devices
  • Multi-Platform Web Console
  • Easy device provisioning with MobiScan
  • Customers: MobiControl is used across all market verticals including retail, healthcare, transportation & logistics, field-service, government, manufacturing, etc.